Thursday, March 13, 2008

Top 5: Best Film, Athletic Theme

Top Five: Best Film, Athletic Theme
5. Rudy
4. Hoosiers
Remeber the Titans
2. We Are Marshall
And the SRWGFA (Subversive Reformation Writers Guild Film Award) goes to:
1. Miracle

Top Five: Rocky Films
4. Rocky II
5. Rocky I
3. Rocky III
2. Rocky Balboa
And the SRWGFA goes to:
1. Rocky IV


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see Miracle at the Number 1, probably one of my favorite moves ever.

Troy Current said...

I like the athletic list but I am sad to see that Sandlot or the Rookie did not make the cut.

:::: Travis Keller :::: said...

those two could maybe make an honorable mention list but sandlot may be considered for a different SRWGFA. i will not yet reveal the category or the other 4 movies. check back over break.

Matt Frye said...

field of dreams? love and basketball? a league of there own? for the love of the game? rookie of the year? space jam? i mean come on bro. a hockey movie at number one? don't get me wrong but i feel like "athletic movie of the year" is just too broad because then you can only pick the ones that make you want to cry in the end (happy tears of course). i feel like you won't even get to the good movies that are really about the sport, not the drama away from it.

Anonymous said...

yes Hockey. But it's more than Hockey, it's the message of a team of "misfits" in their individual brokenness, rising to something greater as a team.

:::: Travis Keller :::: said...

the vision, leadership, and imaginative approach of the coach in miracle is what does it. there will be other athletic movie awards coming but, yes, miracle will stand at number 1. and at least hockey isn't overly american.

peterkevinson said...

WHERE WAS MAJOR LEAGUE ON YOUR LIST? Come on that has to be the greatest sports flick of all time. I cried so many tears of hope for my beloved Indians after watching that flick. It helped me believe that one day in my life time the Indians could win the division. I personally credit that movie as the spark that help the Indians make their run in the 90's. Without that movie there wouldn't have been the hope present in Cleveland to actually believe we could finish anywhere but last place and I don't think without it we would have ever made it out of last place. So that move was not only great, it also actually changed things in real life. It changed all of North Central Ohio and led to the rebirth of a winning team in Cleveland. So I humbly ask you to revise your list and put Major League at number ONE.

Daniel Coutz said...

Miracle was actually the only athletic film on your list that I haven't seen. If I haven't even seen it, it can't be worthy of the number one spot. The other ones are good though.

joe said...

i have to agree with peter. i wept at the end of major league. it changed my life.

stephanie mary said...

i think you just have these SRWGFA awards so that people can comment on your blog and argue what THEY think is the best film in a certain category...

Nate O. said...

I agree with frye.... hockey? really?

Maybe the problem is letting this stick to just 5 movies. Or shall we consider breaking down the barriers yet again?

Best Sports Comedy- Cool Runnings
Best Sports Animation- Space Jam
Best Sports Football Movie- Rudy
Best Sports Crying Movie- We are Marshall
Best Sports Move I Have Never Seen- Miracle..

There...much better.

Anonymous said...

I also have never seen Miracle and am wondering where Coach Carter was in the mix of al of this? Not even mentioned? come on....

Daniel Coutz said...

The coach carter reference made me think you need to have a crusading teacher movie list.

Freedom Writers
Goodbye Mr. Chips

:::: Travis Keller :::: said...

stephanie m.,
The "A" in "SRWGFA" stands for "Award" so you don't need to say "awards" afterwards. It is simply SRWGFAs if you want to go plural. and... yes, but not "argue."

nate o.,
agreed. more categories to come. cool runnings may have been #1 for me if i hadn't decided to add more cats. later.

deWeb said...

worst sports movies:

5. kicking and screaming (also the top of the "worst will ferrell movies" list)

4. varsity blues (there goes my MTV endorsement...watchit as it goes)

3. all the right moves (tom cruise and marty mcfly's mom in a sex scene that lasts too long for anybody to be comfortable)

2. the bad news bears (billy bob thorton's version. 'nuff said.)

1. the air bud dynasty (I strongly believe that these, as well as barney the dinosaur, the 3 ninjas, hannah montana, and dora the explora will be playing on loop mode in hell...and it'll be projected on the back of each eyelid so there will be no know, for the wicked)

honorable mention - and perhaps it should've made the list - is gus (about the football team that hires a donkey as their kicker...with barney fife as the coach)

prove it.

Daniel Coutz said...

Deweb, you don't know what your talking about. Kicking and Screaming is one of Will Ferrell's best/cleanest second maybe only to Stranger than Fiction. The others on your list I completely agree with.

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