Sunday, January 13, 2008

Political Involvement 1.0.2.

I am restating a question from a previous post:
It is the task of the follower of Jesus to attempt to understand the political climate of first century Israel while considering Jesus' involvement or lack thereof in said arena. Based on such study, if Jesus were to show up in America in 2008, would he involve himself in the American political system? If so, to what degree? If not, what we he do instead and why?


PK said...

In the first century Jesus came to reveal Himself personally. In '08 he may teach us how to witness in our culture. He would not contradict Himself and His earlier teachings.

Thus, he would direct us to Agape. Perhaps He would answer our question with a question. Does electing people who are less oppressive fall into the catagory of Love?

:::: Travis Keller :::: said...

i wouldn't suggest that in the 1c. that he wasn't teaching how to interact in culture. the one thing that is true, is that love is relevant in all cultures. but you didn't answer the question.

joe said...

i think what gave jesus validity and authority was that he was not involved in the system. his life was lived among and with romans, jews, saints and sinners. every political question thrown at him was redirected. he seemed to spend his time righting wrongs, redeeming, loving, forgiving, restoring and teaching others how to live out the kingdom. he called religious leaders to the table even more than the roman oppressors.

in my opinion, in 2008 he would do the same thing.

Chris said...

Before reading Joe's comment...I was inclined to comment with something similar. I believe He would challenge political antagonists with questions about the Kingdom of God rather than kingdoms of this world. In "Myth of a Christian Nation" Boyd does a great job of describing the "power under" approach ( someone already mentioned) rather than the "power over" approach which ALL political entities employ.

Daniel Coutz said...

If Jesus wanted to be involved in politics he had some pretty good oppurtunities. He easily could have joined political factions. But he niether gave his support to the Zealots or the Pharisees or the Roman occupation.

Aaron L. said...

I don't have much to add other than that I agree that Jesus would probably not engage with the political arena as much as he'd illustrate the contrast between the Kingdom of God and the kingdoms of this world. And Chris, i also agree that Boyd's book does an excellent job of addressing this question - much better than I could ever hope to

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