Monday, April 07, 2008

James Taylor, Colbie Caillat, & Coldplay

I am very pleased with my daughters seeming appreciation for music. She glances with bright eyes and bounces her body and head when she hears the tunes and melodies. She has taken a particular liking to James Taylor, Colbie Caillat, and Coldplay. We'll be listening to some John Mayer and James Yorkston later and will see her reaction to them as well.
:: Photograph by Micki Clark (Portfolio) ::


Ryan Schmitz said...

Thanks awesome! Abel was rocking out to Bob Marley yesterday.

Lee Y said...

James Taylor....very impressive.

Clearly you've got a classy girl on your hands.

Heather M said...

Awww... a girl after my own heart! I was wondering if maybe she was available to go to a Colbie Caillat concert this summer? No, too young? Well, tell her to call me when she's up for some live music!

Farmer said...

she was head banging in the stroller when we went to the Grove for a picnic today.

And when she taps her foot she keeps a good beat. Steph and I think she will be a drummer in a rock band.

ryan said...

you should start having her listen to some jazz. it will make her a better musician.

Pat Metheny Group- The Way Up

It's a 65 minute composition of genius.

it is also very relaxing too.

chelsea said...

I think coldplay is a great start to her musical taste.

Robert said...

Certainly Kyla is going to be quite a cultured and sophisticated lady with one of these days, with parents who emanate those very qualities.

Tyler DeLong said...

dude...I hope Olivia likes sweet music...I don't really know how she wouldn't and if she starts to slide Kyla can keep her in check!

Ron said...

One of my proudest days in the Fall was in writing in Zane's answers to his preschool "favorite things" paper and for favorite song he said, Josh Ritter, "The Snow is Gone"...Amen and amen.

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